lunedì 5 novembre 2007

Wandering through my doubts and certainties

Once again I make one more step.

Once again I get burnt.

And it didn’t look like a big step, either. It almost looked a like natural consequence of all the previous, more perilous steps I had taken in the past weeks.

But once again, I get burnt.

Coherence’s just an option, apparently.

…it’s my fault, actually. My reasonable part, the one which is always objective and doubtful, said me I didn’t have to be so sure about the answer I would have received to my question… but apparently, I follow my reason’s lead just when not strictly necessary.

I bow to myself, the master of shams who has many lessons for the others, but never learns on his own, even when he is sure he has.

To ruin a thing of such a delicate and yet almost stunning beauty just for the need of a definition.

I should have learnt that that’s not what matters.

Yet, once again I get burnt.